Need Advice From You People

Hi Friends,

I am Planning to buy Betheme for my Client and before buying that theme I need to speak with the person who is selling that theme I mean any customer service for betheme to get clear about what kind of support they can give after buying… is it possible Please help me to take a right decision.

is there any way to contact them before buying tha t theme…

Thanks in Advance…

Use the item comments.

That said support as standard will cover bug fixes, updates etc. (On their time frame not yours) butnwont include installation or any customisation or coding to the theme.

You would VERY wise to get the client to buy the theme and not you. Otherwise you are charging them for a theme which they are entitled to updates on if you part ways but which they won’t be able to access if you buy the theme on your account.

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For the custamization part I will do it but I need to clarify them like I want to create a login and registration page were my customers of that website can register them self and choose the plan and pay will that I can do it with that theme and is it possible and If so the will they suggest me the right way to do it.

Thanks in advance

Ohh That’s Great Can you please suggest me some or tech me how to search for themes like that…

I’ve never seen many themes which have subscription functionality ready out of the box but Membership Pro plugin on codecanyon could manage it.

You would need to:

  1. check it integrates smoothly with whatever theme is being applied to.

  2. remember that you need the extended license (which is more expensive) of plugins, themes etc from envato that are used in a “pay to use/access” end site