Theme registering

Hi There,

I’ve just bought the BeTheme, and all i can say is; WOW.

I am very happy with the theme.

The problem is here, since i bought it, i used the theme in a subdomain of mine. Just to test it out.

Everything went well, so i tought i’m going to use these themes on my customers.

Now i want to use it on one customer, but the theme says that i need to de-register my theme, and delete my folder.

The fastest way to delete them was to delete my whole subdomain. Which i did.

But before deleting i’ve de-registered the theme.

Now i’m stuck on registering the theme on the customers site

Please help fast.

By the way, sorry for my English. I’m a Turkish/Dutch guy!

Yours sincerely,



Hope this Documentation will help you. Otherwise please contact theme Author Author Support and let them know. Theme Author will be happy to assist you.



Is this the way i get supported after paying 60 dollars on a theme?
I can’t find anything on the documentation, thats why i contacted you guys.

I can’t contact the author 'cause i need to register my theme first…

with respect we are not the theme author team just we love to assist community and if think best thing to contact item author then we assist so that they can go with the right track. Please check this one:

Hope will be helpful.

Otherwise you have to contcat theme auhtor (using theme comments or Support, using my first reply Author Support link). In this theme author have their own support forum so if you like you can register there and ask for support.