Is it worth to become an author here?

Hi there!

I make electronic music since 30 years, mainly just for fun. Sometimes i ask myself ifi should produce a little more professional - but then the question comes up: for what?!

Would it be worth to become an author in the audio jungle? And what genres are more “overrepresented” and other styles that could benefit from more content?

Thank you for any helpful and motivating answers :slight_smile:


Hello @pedrokraft

Welcome to the forums! Really good advice from @AurusAudio.



Hi @pedrokraft ! In the AudioJungle, as you yourself can see, any genres of music are sold. Therefore, welcome!


Wow, these 7 tips… is a very useful thread! Thank you!! :smiley:


Therefore, welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:


If you’re seriously thinking about your professional career, don’t invest your greatest efforts in a royalty free music library 'cause electronic music has a really vast and much more interesting marketplaces. Think about RF as an additional income and as an experience to try some commercial ideas that can help you if you want want to achieve some goals as a composer for media in the future. AudioJungle, for example, practices the lowest prices on the RF market today and that, in a certain way, devaluates your work as composer that, to a certain point, can help to deny your progression as a composer/producer. If you have the opportunity, to some extents, try some other places to sell your music, mainly the compositions you do in a more serious way.

Interesting perspective. Not sure I agree. I think you’re right that exploring royalty-free as a secondary income source is a great way to begin.

Devaluing work is where I don’t agree. There’s a balance between price and volume that we’re constantly working to ensure is supporting the growth of author earnings. Envato works really hard to bring as many buyers to AudioJungle as we possibly can. Collectively, authors are earning more on AudioJungle today than they ever have previously.

AudioJungle is a vibrant community of independent creators who earn a living, doing what they love. I’ve personally met with authors who have been able to do far more being part of AJ than being away from it.

Many authors have told me how being part of AudioJungle resulted in commissioned work they wouldn’t otherwise have had. Authors from AudioJungle have had their items used far and wide around the world in high profile projects and low profile ones. Just check out some examples in our Famous Five series.

I am definitely a little biased here but I think getting involved and checking it out might be more worthwhile than you realize. And who knows, maybe your items will be the next ones featured in a major campaign.


I have to disagree @jamesgiroux

Your post reads itself nice, but it also just picks out the positive parts. Truth is that there is no growth without constant weekly uploads. Of course there are exceptions, but who writes a top seller every week? Or every month?

The big downside here at AJ is the communication between Authors and Customers. There is none, well most of the time. Buying a license here is a very unpersonal process which leads many customers to ignore the licensing schemes and go straight for the standard license. I have more than 100 placements spotted trough where just the standard license has been bought and around 40 where no PRO data has been passed along. To compensate the loss of all those broadcast licenses I’ll probably have to triple the prices once Author Driven Pricing is in work.

If you’re looking to sell music especially for TV/Radio, look elsewhere.


OK, this are very different but helpful opinions so far. I have no intentions to be a pop-star so i think this is a good platform. A question regarding the top-sellers here. As i see, there is a huge demand for Corporate / Motivational / Uplifting Pop Songs and there are many songs similar to each other. Does this mean there is really such a high demand for more happy pop songs? I have more ideas and started projects for this genre than my hdd drive can carry so i trashed most of them already… :wink:

To be or not be to be a POP star… sell millions or sell dozens… lets face it… this is just what it is… If you want to play the game and invest your bucks, thats nice… if you don’t… that’s also nice! Up to you!

How does a low price deny your progression? Low revenue may limit your progression ( less likely to carry on if it’s not paying the bills) but item price is just one factor of what dictates your revenue. As for the whole pop star thing, just put your stuff on iTunes as well… it might just happen!

Sorry, we can NOT talk abou it here! LOL