Is it Temporary or Permanent suspension?

(You currently can’t access the Item Upload page because your upload rights for graphicriver have been revoked. You need to contact help Team. to get them reinstated.) Is it Temporary or Permanent suspension?

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Already its taken more than 6 month.

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Submission Limits for Graphics

To reduce the wait times, and create a fairer situation for graphics authors, envato team decided to implement submission limits across all graphics root categories for authors with an approval ratio below 35% (or below 30% for vectors). These percentages may change over time as envato try and find the best solution.

More info here:

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hi did u follow instructions? indeed, even with less than 35% u can still post , so this means u were under 10% of approval right?

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What did the help team say?

#n2n44 What is the instruction?

did u try to contact them, this is what i meant … as for the problem u are facing, as for i know they said that they would do for at least 6 months and depending on the situation but if they have evaluated that they are still facing the same situations of too many submissions, then this may lead them to extend the period of revocation of your upload rights