Is it ok that our church's theme is few time rejected by reviewer from muslim background?

We created a premium church’s theme and during review process fixed a few things (thanks to TF reviewer’s team) and actually we are really close to approve as after 10 soft rejects reviewer wrote just one comment: “Just uploaded your theme and it doesn’t seem to be loading properly. The rest looks ok!” - there was ours one mistake and we quickly fixed it. We hope that it was a final step BUT after that we got 10 more issues from another reviewer, and after fixing she found 10 more again. Some of them was really strange as reviewer didn’t review the uploaded files but also reviewed a scripts in our demo page and find them wrong (why?) and also she is against some words in title (but in the TF rules it’s not prohibited e.t.c). We saw that this reviewer is from Islamic country.

Can we ask TF to change reviewer in our “reviewers chain”? As we’ll never approve our item, we think.

P.S. We created that topic, as this story is repeated: with our first items was the same - the same reviewer blocked our theme many times, until other reviewer approved it.

No this is not possible. We are working with a global community where caste, religion etc. Can not and should not impact reviewers decision. The soft rejections you are getting is because reviewers want your product to be perfect as per the current standards for WordPress themes. This is a learning time for you as well so you won’t get the same points soft rejections in the future and take care of them on your own for the next time you upload a theme.