Is it good to approve?

Unfortunately not. It’s generally pretty flat and the colours burn my retinas. Plus the layout doesn’t really bring anything new or interesting.

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Thank you sir, for your valuable comment.

yeah he should put a special mention and warning to let us know that we should put our googles on before having a look at his design LOL kidding , no offense intended, just a joke

hi buddy, wooohooo i am happy that i had put my glasses LOL kidding … but seriously think about shades and complementary colors , there is no way u can get anything accepted with such bad color combinations … even if your item were perfect u would ruin the preview with such combinations indeed …

1- colors
pls see above

2- contrast
well some texts are not visible enough due to a lack of contrast between the text itself and the background under …

3- readability
this is linked to lack of contrast and to colors choices as well as font variations or not , too, in any case this is too hard to read right now …

4- alignment
u have some issues like for “our services” that is not properly placed in the white space

5- typo
this is still lacking originality , variations and font combinations indeed , not to mention that the italic used makes the concerned text look old and make no particular sense indeed

6- hierarchy
indeed, u did something really damageable to the main title , which should pop out much and be fully readable and right now we have “marketing” not being anything like this …

what should be the font size?

the font size for what pls? if u mean the general body of the text , this is normally according to your target … lettered adults are usually associated with 9 or 10 size fonts for this … and if the targets are older or much younger then u will increase proportionally to the age but in a general way it will rather be 12 … for titles this is up to u and depending on the kind of design …