will this approved? Need your opinion

Hello everyone, will this approve on this market? Need your opinion thank you.

The quick answer is no, Thais is 100% rejected

hi for me this is sort of clean but the problem is that this is still rather traditional. Of course, there is a bit of modern “mini composition” on the top right hand side which is a bit original but may also decrease the customer base in the meanwhile as well. For me the real issue is that there is nothing really outstanding in the first place , also due to the color effect on male and female and because some color fail to contrast enough so that elements are really being valued …the header composition audit imbrication is not as good as it could be , u have a big white gap between the header and the calendar and this makes the whole design lose balance. There are also issues as far as hierarchy goes due to the fact that some elements that should pop out more do not really do than those being secondary … having the logo twice makes no sense and “the logo” is super flat and rather tends to flatten the design a bit ore than bringing it to the next level so to speak …

thanks for your narrative reply. :slight_smile:

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lol u mean detailed right?

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