Is it good enough?

Hi. I’m new author on envato. So, please, tell me, is this template good enough? Thank you

Hi there!

Have you submitted this item? If not then its time to make some improvements and then submit it for review.

###What can you improve?

  1. A major problem with your item is the readability of texts over images. Almost every section has this problem. * Add some overlays between images and texts. This way the text will be more visible.

  2. Spacing between elements. Be consistent with spacing.

  3. Improve hovers. Spacing issues.

  4. Improve footer contact form. Make social media icons from footer smaller. What that button for? :slight_smile:

  5. Make clients logos smaller.

Final note. You need to make major improvements, in terms of spacing, color combination, fonts, hierarchy of the elements on page.

Advice: Check some approved templates and accommodate yourself with the level of quality from the marketplace.

Keep it up

Thanks a lot. I will make improvements:slight_smile::+1:

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