I'm new to Envato, so need help.


Hey Guys,

Recently I’ve submitted a template and which got rejected from review team, so now I need your all help, feedback on my that template and some tips too, so that it will help me to improvise myself, What say guys :blush:

Here is the link to my work www.creativefolio.tk

Thanks in advance for feedback and tips.


You are in 2012.
Come to 2015. Check some of top envato items for quality.


Hi, thanks for your reply and yeah I will check for some top Envato items.


With respect you need to start over.

As Muse_Master suggested take a look at the current quality elsewhere but everything down to the core fundamentals here need attention like typography, margins, stretched images, hierarchy, layout etc.

Good luck


Hi Thanks for your reply and suggestion that you have given regarding stretched images, typography, margins, hierarchy and layout. Yeah could see stretching of images, remaining thinks I have to work-out. So thanks for this.


Text is too big, the fonts are a bit dated, the ,main text is centred whereas the header and footer are left aligned, the images should ideally do something when you hover over them… have them dark with text and hovering removes the text and shows the proper image, or have the proper image and hovering shows a darker image with text. The icons could be a bit better, the gap in the circle is going to be very small on a mobile device. Would be better if you made a decent logo to use as the logo rather than just ‘logo’ text, could do with more padding around the logo, I think borders around the menu options would be a bit more current.

I’m no web wizard though… just looking at it from a regular website visitor and occasional theme buyer perspective.


Hi thanks for your suggestion, for the text that are looking too big, images should do something i.e. while hovering on them and the icons too. By keeping everyone points in mind working on new template hope will get approved :blush: Thanks.