I need your point

Hello Everyone I need one help i am new on envato i just want to know that my site should approved in themeforest link: https://ferkin.in/d_card i hope you help me .

Hi there,

I just checked your item on my mobile phone. You need to improve the responsiveness.

  • Pay attention to header nav, portfolio items, spacing.

Will check it later on my pc

thanks what do you think it should approved or soft rejected or hard rejected ?

I think in this shape your item will get hard rejected. I have to be honest with you!

###There are a lot of issues(testing in my PC).

  1. This hover is buggy! The height is not the same on hover. Fix it

  2. Make the subtitle smaller in width:

  3. There is unused space on skills section.

    -Center the English/French labels
    -Add some sort of background/video background on this section. It’s too basic and boring.

  4. Spacing issues! 1) Make it smaller; 2) Increase the spacing; 2) Make it smaller;

  5. Spacing issue! The icons are not centered! See example:

  6. At a first sight I thought these are labels. But they are links. Make them buttons; Cursor needs to be pointer over links.

  7. Spacing issues all over the place! Inverse the hover effect. I think you need to see the image before hovering;image

  8. Again. Spacing the main problem. Input placeholder colors needs to be the same.

  9. Final issue:

  10. Responsive issues

Final Note: By not fixing these issues will lead to a rejection! I suggest you to check your entire template and improve spacing, fonts, icons, colors, make it more attractive, fix responsive, etc.