Please review and provide feedback for new theme submission


Hello Authors,

I am going to submit for the first time on envato my new theme. My category is Under Construction Templates. Please provide your valuable feedback and suggestions to improve. I will be glad if you guys help me out with the suggestions and feedback.

Here is my demo link:-

Theme Curator


Site is empty. contents are missing.


changed the link please have a look back.


You need to work more to get approved. Design needs some improvement. You better take some ideas from existing templates and make your site more better


can you please suggest where i need more imporvement

  • Don’t call it a ‘theme’ it is not WordPress - this will potentially cause confusion with less experienced buyers

  • avoidable validation issues

  • typography needs work

  • inconsistency in margins and padding need improvement

  • don’t really get the relevance of the snow effect except for the sake of adding it. There’s no logical reason for having it around the rest of the content


thanks @charlie4282 for your valuable feedback. Can you please explain about “avoidable vlaidation issues”.


In slide logo and other texts are very close to each other. Not looking good
Typography, spacing, alignment problem


thanks @themebeer for your valuable feedback. Will surely make improvements.


It’s not big stuff but not necessary either


@charlie4282 thanks i will validate my html and css code and work on it.


@themebeer @charlie4282 what about overall concept is it looking new or the regualr one.


Honestly it needs more work. Try to improve it


ok thanks.


Don’t worry man this could be happen for the first item. Hope you will come up with some great ideas :slight_smile:


ok thanks @themebeer.