Needs a Review before submitting my HTML template, Please help me.

I am new to Envato platform and i started with HTML template. I made a One page layout HML template. Please anyone help me with this? What should i improve? or if anyone can give me some tricks and tips to help me to get started with ThemeForest and Envato, that would be great.

Demo Link:

Unfortunately , will be hard rejected.
There are Typography , Shadow Color , Spacing & Alignment and etc. issues.


Hi, Thank you very much for saving me.
If you have sometime, Can you give me some more Information / Tips / Suggestions?
not necessary to explain all the things but as much as you can. It would be great.

Thanks again.


Sorry but unfortunately, i can’t see that screenshot. Can you try one more time please?
Thank you very much for your time.

Oh got it. I can see that now. I will improve those things and will let you know. Thank you very much.

Hi there:

I think will be hard rejected because your designs error typography, spacing, very shadow, padding&margins, etc but you need practice more for approved.