Invalid Token Id

I recently purchase theme : [Wyzi - Business Finder and Service Provider Booking WordPress Social Look Directory Listing Theme (Regular License)]. Its being 20 hours i tried importing data in local host installation of wordpress. But still its continues and have no hopes that it will complete.

Also author response is taking 12+ hours hence lowest expected purchase.

Now I am having issue with token id. doing all fine. I still unable to import demo data of this template. Looks like I am loosing faith in this eco.

Any urgent help will be appreciated

See I only gave permissions to what expected to put but it doesnt work at all.

ncorrect token permissions, please generate another token or fix the permissions on the existing token.

Please ensure only the following permissions are enabled:

  1. View and search Envato sites
  2. Download your purchased items
  3. List purchases you’ve made

With only these 3 permissions, unable to do the needful :frowning:


Envato API personal token:

You can generate Envato API personal token here . Please make sure you set required Token permissions. It may prompt you to sign into your Envato account

Before you create a new token the following 3 permissions should be selected from the list of permission available on the Token page.

  1. View and search Envato sites (checked by default)
  2. Download the user’s purchased items
  3. List purchases the user has made

Hope this will help you.


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Thank you for your reply. Second issue is resolved. But I am still fighting with first one. Despite of various attempts, I am unable to import data content from above purchased theme and theme is displaying invalid token data.
I already asked author support, but theme author takes atleast one day to response. I dont have any contact through which I can chat/ communicate when I am really configuring purchased stuff from envato.

About theme demo import support you have to get in touch with the theme author. In the mean time you can check theme documentation.

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I really had worst experience in buying theme from ThemeForest author What they present is like
and what I got from them is like bare empty website, that is failing with 500 internal server error because all basic structure of website is not importing and working at all. I lost my money as well time in having trust with these guys :
Wyzi - Social Directory WordPress Theme
author is : wztechno - Portfolio | ThemeForest

I sent them many messages in last 2 days and whole one night working. They are slowest in response and even single line help of these guys are not helpful.

When we purchase theme, atleast theme installation support should be tested for standard or atleast someone can help from author group to atleast help installing theme close to what they show in demo.