Problem with envato API

Hello. I’ve bought a theme “homepress” from envato but there are problems with token API to connect the theme with you. They told me this:

Your token key is not valid. Please make sure that you have generated token activation key correctly once again ->

If there is still the error [screenshot] even with the new token key. We recommend you to contact Envato support, cause generating token activation keys depends on the marketplace directly, sometimes it happens due to the caching restrictions when you are changing you Envato account periodically

Also, here is the helper plugin of Envato ->

For us is really annoying and pure waste of time. Can you please help us?


This is envato new ftp. you can get help from here how to complete your ftp



When you will create token here Please make sure you have at least the following permission for the homepress theme:

  1. View and search Envato sites (checked by default)
  2. View the user’s Envato account username
  3. Download the user’s purchased items
  4. Verify purchases of the user’s item
  5. List purchases the user has made


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Hi @jannetto,

You must use separate tokens for Homepress and the Envato Market Plugin. Please create a separate token for each one, following the instructions exactly when choosing which permissions to add. The Envato Market plugin will not function if you give it more permissions than it needs (this is for your account safety).

If you are still unable to use your token, please post screenshots of the error message (without showing the token value!).

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Hi @rosssimpson,

Here i show you the screenshots. I don’t know how to solve this and i want maybe ask a refund because others templates do not use api.

Thank you…

Hi again @jannetto,

Regarding the issue with Homepress, unfortunately we can’t do anything with the error they’ve provided. What we really need to see, in order to troubleshoot any issue with API calls, is the HTTP request and response headers in the call to our API. This isn’t something you can get easily, but rather something the theme’s authors would need to build into the theme.

Your best bet will be to discuss again with the author. We’d be happy to work with them to troubleshoot this error; they can open an author support ticket with us and we can explain how they can provide us with the relevant information we’d need to troubleshoot. I’ve had a look into the theme’s code, but it’s not clear under what circumstances the error in your screenshot occurs under. With the author’s help I’m confident we can get it working.

Regarding other themes, many of them do use our API to stop unauthorized use of their code. It’s entirely up to the author whether or not they want to do so.