🎉 Introducing Envatwo, an app to track & analyze sales

Hi :wave:
So, I was looking for an app where I could track sales of individual items. Wanted to see how discount affects sale count. For that I needed to be able to select a date range. So I created a basic app but then got greedy and kept going and here we are. An offline app which needs no login or api key, simply upload your csv statement file, analyze what you want and forget about it. It also shows increase or decrease in sales by comparing last n number of days with previous n number of days.

The app doesn’t require anything else and there are no network request. After the initial load, it’s basically an offline app. You can upload a month’s statement or multiple years.


I’m open to suggestions for improvement.


Sounds interesting. Nice job! I’ll give it a try!

thanks @vanquish and let me know if you have any feedback.

wooooow man thank you! I’m testing

@MattiaMazzaroProductions you are welcome

Very helpful. Thank you :clap:

Amazing, it’s really helpful.

Good to hear you found it useful

Amazing, it’s really helpful.

@CodeIndeed thank you for the appreciation

Nice app.

Thank you for sharing, this is really helpful!!

@TemplatesZoo Getting this error Something went wrong

Seems to be working fine for me. Which Statement file are you uploading? I have tested it only with themeforest but there is no reason it will not work with the others. If you are interested, you can send me a small sample file to test. Would love to fix any issue.

I’m getting the error here Envatwo App - Analyze Envato Sales can’t download app

I don’t understand what you mean by “can’t download app”. The user flow is simple. Visit the site. Click on Upload and choose your .csv statement file you downloaded from your statements tab. That’s it. Your dashboard will be ready. I would need a little bit more detail to understand your issue.

You’ve created " offline app", where can I download it?

It’s an offline app in the sense that if you load the site and then disconnect the internet, all functions will work as expected. Doesn’t require an active internet connection. There is no download button though.

The main question “where can I download that app”. I do understand that’s an offline app. Where can I get it?