Internal Editor?

What happens if I buy this? Do I need any program knowledge or can I just change the letters here?

I would like to replace the letters in the video

Is this difficult for a newbie?

Thank you for reading :slight_smile:

You need Adobe After Effects and an understanding of how to use/edit content within that

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And… You also need Element 3D plugin like is written on description of the web of this Item.

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Thanks for your answers I have been up all night learning how to use all this and have come up with the solution before and am $200 poorer :slight_smile:

Yes, the Element 3D plugin is not cheap but allows you to achieve amazing results :slight_smile:

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Okay I have a different problem now… I pre-rendered everything as it was and it is a different from the video! :joy:
I will not ask for my money back but there are plenty of other templates that look great but I am a bit disappointed :disappointed_relieved:

It’s best to write to the author of the item and ask for help.

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