Bought Intro Template Need It Rendered Out!! (Element 3D) (Will PAY)


Bought a intro template for $25 for Adobe After effects which needed Element 3D which I had to buy and it isn’t working for me correctly… Heres what it’s doing.

Rendering out good so far!!


Once it gets to the last 3 seconds of it zooming out the whole logo no text is displayed. I have tried multiple times cutting up the picture differently so Element 3D will make the text 3d with my fox logo but instead it either doesn’t work or just makes the whole thing one big block. Heres how my logo originally looks!!

Please respond here and help me by doing it for me, I have sat on my computer for the past 4 hours trying to do it and I cant figure it out. I already paid $25 for the intro which irritates me that it isn’t working.



Did you try contacting the Author?


Yeah, no help.


Ok.Can you please make a comment on the products page so I can check your purchase.
If everything is ok I will help you finish the product.


You’re the best!!
If you want proof I actually paid here:

Not sure how to comment I will look to see if I can but this is what I bought.


Thank you GR1MBLE.
Just wanted to be sure.
Thanks for you understanding.

I will mail you.


No worries :smile:
if you have twitter thats easier