I want your opinion on this logo template I made

I made a logo template in After Effects, and I want to know your opinion before I upload it to VideoHive.

Here is the preview video:

What do you think ?

It looks ok, but I can’t see it being approved. It’s more of a kind of light show that doesn’t really serve any purpose, followed by a quick and simple actual logo reveal. If the light show served some kind of purpose… like its existence actually contributed to the reveal of the logo, then I think you’d have more of a chance.

Good luck!

Ok, thanks. I will see what can I do.

@subzeroz if you need some audiologo/stinger i have a large collection on audiojungle, mainly rock, metal, orchestral.

here we go:

rock stinger collection
metal stinger collection
big orchestral stinger collection

Thanks! You have great collections. I will surely download any track from them when needed :wink:

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thanks! :slight_smile: let me know about it and also if you need something specific… i may help in finding what you are looking for