Need Animated Logo - Custom Job

Have an eagle themed animated logo project I need help on and I’m looking
to hire someone from VideoHive since I’m an AudioJungle Author myself. I have budget
for this … so YES… you will get paid based on experience and how cool you can
make this logo come to life.

Please let me know if you are interested and I’ll be happy to forward creative notes and
logo for your review and consideration.

Wes Oliver

Could you provide more details on your job?


May this template work with eagle theme project, check this template.

Sure! I’ve attached a PDF file with info for your review.

Thanks for your interest !!!



Animated Logo Project Info.pdf (175 KB)

Wow!!! This template is awesome. I love the smoke but I’m thinking my client would rather keep it to just “particles” . I see there are

particles being released within the smoke fx… Is there a way to turn off the smoke and just have the particle fx going on ??

I’m sure you can make the background the same color “grey” as the example I’m including with this email. Right?

There Is a project later this year I’m doing and I think the “FIRE” would work perfect for that project. It’s a “Movie Trailer” style bad ass promo I’m doing for

my client’s awards banquet.

Really appreciate you recommending this template. I’m going to buy it and give you a 5 star rating just for helping out so far. Really appreciate your time

and effort.



Why you dont want you this template ($12) ?
If you want something like this template this job will cost much more than $12. Are you ready for?