Looking for: Logo + Broadcast Package + Music = Total (video) Identity

So, I’ve beat my head against the wall for days going through the various broadcast packages. It may be easier to just get someone to cook up what I need specifically.

I have been tasked with creating an internal training “channel” for my company. Basically, I am providing training, tips, tricks, the occasional interview, etc. This will NOT be used on YouTube or any external site.

The company is obviously corporate in nature, but I’m trying to establish an identity that is not corpo in nature.

So, I need:

  • Logo
  • Opener(s)
  • Promo(s)
  • Lower Thirds
  • Matching music kit
  • Any Additional Elements (that I can use for say, print media)

Not looking to buy a plugin. Not needing stock footage or images (just placeholders).

Does anyone have any interest in cooking this stuff up? I have a modest budget but know what I’m asking for…

Hi @FirefighterNerd, I can help you out with the logo. We create unique and high quality logos.
Feel free to hit me up!