Help with setting up / putting together a short logo intro and outro ...

Hey guys

still a total beginner I’d love to have a short video intro and outro for my company clips in it-services (haven’t found much on that topic, videowise)

for know I like these two items:



now I need some start-up help from you guys. what software do I need to work with the video, I mean to put in my photos and logo?

I suppose that I can drop the original video sound and use the other soundclip, right?

Best of course would be if someone of you could put those two together and do the job for me on a professional basis. or should I contact the video-producer for this?

thanks a lot for your help.
greets louis

You could hire help at

If it is genuinely just swapping pics, music and the logo then this won’t be a big job.

hey Charlie, thanks very much for your prompt response. I’ll try that. greets louis

Hi @gcpo

I am available for freelance work. Feel free to contact me via my profile page.