Looking for AE Opener to include Logo and Photos of Person?

Hi, I’ve been looking for a while for a short After Effects opener into which I can insert a logo as well as some photos of the person who presents the videos. Ideally, short, punchy, maybe 10 seconds maximum. I haven’t been able to find anything like that on VideoHive…can anyone help? Maybe I’m missing something? Or maybe not. Would appreciate it if anyone can point me in the right direction, or suggest some solutions.

Thank you!

Hi @Metzed

Try this SEARCH

http://videohive.net/item/dubstep-logo/14857137 (my item)
here you can insert any photos in the background (4 images)

also try this search result

Thanks so much @yeremia, I didn’t even know that was a term. That’s helped a lot :slight_smile: thank you

And @St_Denis that’s great also, thanks!