I need to identify this intro here please

a long time ago I apparently put out a video intro for a friend. he just used it, but the audio track is watermarked. I know i purchased every intro I’ve ever used,m but I don’t know how to locate this.

does anyone know where this track is on AJ? I have several hundred purchases there as well as at least 300 on different client accounts. i can’t just look in downloads

(i just stuck a pic in it, listen to the intro)


Here you go:

Best wishes!

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THANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNK you! I had him purchase it. I can’t find mine

the video went semi viral and has over 300,000 hits in a day now lol and it’s MY FAULT the preview was used.

I send clients previews in videos all the time. to PREVIEW then approve to purchase. i accidentally used the preview in this one.

He’s posted the purchase code in it now