Need a 10 second intro video for new YouTube channel!

Hey guys! First time poster here so bear with me if I’m not posting in the right spot!

I’m starting a new YouTube channel and I’m looking for a quick 10 second intro video and a 20 second outro page kind of like this:

The idea I have for the intro video is my logo slamming into the background, with maybe some dust flying out and leaving the logo indented in the background, and then a title fading in underneath it.

It doesn’t sound like it should be too difficult, but I tried doing it myself in AE, and I can see the learning curve is very very high haha!

I have a logo I already designed in Illustrator and Photoshop, and no I definitely don’t expect this to be free, but I’m not sure where to go from here! I guess people can post links to their portfolio or something, I’m not sure!

Feel free to contact me at my profile page. I can help you!

Feel free to contact me . Thanks !

    Hi There !

    I am really interested in your project and please contact me at and we will discuss about more details. I am looking forward to work to your project.
    Thank you.

Hello, cvdpoel!

How about this one ?

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