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Hi guys! Do you think it makes sense to update old tracks (about one year)? For example, additional versions of the track to do, etc. Any opinions :wink:

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No. Not unless you have someting better to do. Those tracks are buried under tons of other tracks and, except for maybe one or two random sales, never see the light again.


Thank you @FirstNote I shall take into account, your opinion! Other opinions :wink:

I have been updating my items in my portfolio by either remixing or adding different versions and these “older” tracks still continue to sell for me - I guess the lesson I have learnt is get it right first round and sleep on it before uploading.


I did not think about other versions (remixes). Thank you very much @gballx . More opinions :wink: We continue …:wink:

@gballx I understand, for example, one track and it goes in the same product as folk, corporate, trance, or even comedy? Did I understand you correctly? Different genres on the same track?

no - edits such as 30, 60 second edits and alternative versions.


Understandably. I just watched here that different arrangements and genre The genres of “pop” and “future bass” as well as the “folk” version, but the author of the apparently removed it.

More opinions :slight_smile: Who’s next? :wink: I look forward to :slight_smile:

I think it’s always good to be proud of what you have in your portfolio.

What about this: You’re having a creatively bad day with new material you are making or you’re just not feeling inspired to create something new. This might be a good time to go back and improve the mixes of older tracks that you could see might need improving to the standard you are at now, that way you still have a productive day.

Wether they sell or not it might just be a good practise and a positive thing to do, you can always try and promote these yourself on social media.


Yes, I plan to update some tracks .Thanks for your reply @OceansAudio ! About inspiration and do and unload in parallel I still have inspiration :slight_smile: I will never lose my inspiration for music! :wink:

If that item is a best selling one. Yes, you can add additional versions to attract more buyers, for example.

All the best :slight_smile:

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Thank you all for the feedback! Good luck!

Nice idea to have different genres for the same track! But then I would see this in a pack maybe?