Updating old items ...


Friends, does it make sense to re-write old tracks and update the items? When do you realize that it can sound better? Thank you!


I find that if I re-visit items after a year or so I can adjust things and replace certain sounds and write additional parts to enhance the existing track, I also add different mixes or add edited versions to items.


Does it affect sales? Or is it even better to focus on the new material?


It will not harm sales in fact it may help with sales especially if you can offer 60, 30 and 10 second edits which in retrospect I wish I had done that from the beginning.


I have remixed and updated almost all my portfolio about a year ago and nothing happened. Old tracks were still invisible. Hope for new items only. This is just my experience may be your will be different. Who knows.

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I do it sometimes, when I find a way to fix something that bothers me in a track, mainly for my own peace of mind…

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