What about my music

Dear guys I would like to ask you what do you think about my music at my profile :slight_smile: after 3 years and i dont have a lot of followers and sales do you think my music is not good ? :frowning:

Put a link to your profile/portfolio in your post and on your forum profile :v:

Here is my profile my friend:

Hi! I listen some of your tracks (ambient, romantic). To my mind they are fine. Good composition, good production. I think you need to create portfolio with more items to get more sales. Also create some corporate tracks. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Don’t create corporate tracks, that way leads to the dark side.


I think your music sounds good too. Some of your older tracks sounds a bit outdated sound and productionwise and would probably not been accepted now. I agree with LuckyBlackCat in that you need to add to your portfolio. Add a track per week or so and you will probably see more sales on both new and old items. I wouldn’t encourage anyone to make corporate music though :wink:


Hi @LukePN . There’s no problem with your music , I think it’s pretty cool , nice production btw.
Your biggest problems is probably the number of tracks in 3 year time. This market is growing fast , there’s thousands of good working authors who are making at least 5 or 10 tracks a month and if you want to compete with them, you have to follow that number. I don’t know what to say about corporate tracks , @LuckyBlackCat probably have a point , corporate sells. :slight_smile: Wish you the best dude !


I listened to a few of your tracks and I liked what I heard. Although, I agree with FankiMankiz that you need more than 2 tracks per month in order to be active and visible. Some buyers might find your recent upload interesting and come look around in your portfolio. But I won’t encourage you to make Corporates either. You can try it of course, but in my opinion… Stick to what you do best and what you enjoy making. Good luck! :beers:

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I was listening to your tracks , they’re beautiful , you should only work constantly ) )) and so I have to hear ) ) )

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Your music is climatic & soulful. Quality of sound is good. I really like it. You definetly deserve a more sales.

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thank you so much my friend for your kind words ! I will try do my best to became much better like I am now.

My friend thank you so much for your advice too. I will try do my best. I started follow you guys :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for your advice too my friend

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I will try do your advice with producing more tracks to reach level up :slight_smile: thanks for that

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Hi LukePN - I too think your music is interesting and marketable. :thumbsup: The one thing I would add to the other suggestions is to put more marketing power in your titles. The AG search engine is based on words in the Title, among other factors. I see many of your titles that probably are not very “searchable/findable” by potential buyers. I’m not suggesting naming each of them with a variant of “Inspiration”. However you might consider putting a few of your chosen “Tags Words” into the title as well - in a creative way of course :slight_smile: Good luck with future sales!


My friend ! Thanks so much for your kind words and for your advice this is good idea name the composed tracks with probably better tittles from tags words. I did not think about it before and now I will try do all things from you guys ! .)

I will start follow you my friend.


Dangerous path it is young padawan. :joy:

I am currently listening “Rio De Janeiro”, awesome track, I am listening it on heapdhones right now and production sounds dope. Maybe you should try to make tracks which sold more, I know it’s boring. :slight_smile: