Installing a theme. Told to read the documentation, but the documentation link doesn't open

I told myself that I would not buy another theme from ThemeForest. Why? Because I find a great theme, install it, and it looks like a blog rather than what the theme demo looks like. I was advised to please read the installation documentation, which is great, except in two instances: 1) When there is content on the site, since the demo installation will overwrite what’s on the site already (had a REALLY bad experience with that) or 2) when the documentation won’t open…which is what’s happening now.

So I had a great idea. Just start a new site. The fresh install should eliminate any extraneous code that might be hanging around from a previous theme. So I bought Comet. Here’s a screenshot of what I thought I’d get, vs. what I got.

Demo: image

What it really looks like installed: image

I would at least think the one-page framework would load. Nope.

I have no problem following instructions, but when you can’t open the instructions, there’s a problem. The only recourse I have is that I can have the theme installed on my site for $50. I’ve already installed it…I need it to look like the demo so I can edit it.

Thanks for any advice anyone can offer as to where this should go.

No WordPress theme will come out looking exactly like the demo straight after installation. In pretty much every case you will have to install either demo content or your own content, as well as basic WP set up e.g. front page, assigning a menu and configuring widgets etc.

Without seeing the admin etc. it’s hard to say how to install the demo content (remember you would still need to set the front page and nav potentially) but it says on the item page “one click demo import” which looks like it is in the theme options (left hand menu of WP admin) and the tab which says “one click demo import”

Remember that images may not be included and if you are still stuck ask the author.

Thanks, Charlie!
That’s what my concern was since I was looking for the one-click demo
install as was advertised.
After hunting around, I found that there were two plugins that needed to be
installed…and once they were, then was able to move forward and complete
the demo installation.
I’m sure the documentation said to install the plugins, but not being able
to open the documentation precluded me from reading this. I only found it
since other plugins needed to be updated, and I saw the message at the top
of the page.
The other problem with a demo install, as I mentioned, is that it
overwrites current content. Updating the site then becomes a huge time
consuming project, to the point where the attitude becomes, is it really
worth it?
Thanks again!!

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