Need Help Installing WP Theme

I am installing my first theme at I purchased my theme via from Enfold. I think I have installed the theme correctly but now all I have is a blog page that says Enfold. I need to get to the point that the site looks like the demo site.

Long story short…

How do I get to look like ‘Enfold One Page Portfolio Demo’ at

Demo is only a demo … User show You what You can do with this Theme. You can build Your site however You want, You got working script for that. You must have some knowledge about using WordPress.

But also You can write to author, maybe in documentation is some description how to import demo data content - but this is an option and You can’t require that. Why do You need demo data - build Your own page :slight_smile:

The demo content import is in the theme options panel.

As @WordicaThemes said full instructions are in the documentation but it is literally one click installation and super super easy

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@charlie4282 Hello. Demo content import is now required for Themes ?

You can do it with XML if want.

One click is easier for buyers if possible - Enfold is one of the biggest, best and advanced on here so kind of expected from that theme.

Or even not at all (but I wouldn’t recommend that!).

Ok thanks for answer.

I’am a new comer in WP so i need your help, yesterday i’ve already bought theme and i’ve already install on my local. But i don’t know how to import or adding demo template in my WP. When i install the theme just got the default theme. But i want to use demo template. Can you help me to explain how to adding template demo with XML. Thank You :slightly_smiling:

You can check my video import process for another theme at here:

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Thanks for everyone’s help. Before I received a response on this forum, I ended up paying a developer on themeforest to install the demo content. He did a great job.

But, this information was very helpful and the video made it look pretty easy. Thanks again for the responses.

Thank you very much Loc_rabbirt. Your video very helpfull. Now i can import demo version

I’m glad when it is helpful for you or someone, maybe click like and share if you can :slight_smile: