Install demo theme, already bought "support", visual composer ?s Cheers.


I bought “support” already but they don’t do “installs” even though they advertise “one click” installs for the theme they provide zero nomenclature on how to do the one click install in any form? Any help would be great. I’d like to install the demo that comes with the theme with one click. thanks in advance!

In case of interest:

not interested, i’ve already purchased “support” from the theme developer. hopefully they have a pdf., video, or tutorial.

Just for reference support does not tend to cover installation.

Have you read the documentation with the item - i’d expect installation basics to be covered in there.

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Definitely check the theme documentation for how to install the sample data. Most authors provide an XML file which you can import with a few clicks. But some themes, like our own Total Drag & Drop WordPress Theme, include a more intuitive demo importer (check it out on YouTube).

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