How to implement the theme design from the demo?

I really hope that someone out there can help. I am about to start a blog, hence I brought a theme on themeforest, that I will host on Wordpress. And I am VERY new to this technical stuff.
I brought the theme Stockholm, and want to have it look like the Roland theme. However it does not look like the demo at all! Isnt’ there a way to import the some of the looks from the demo?

Thank you in advance from a confused girl:-/

WordPress themes are not like site templates - to make them look like the demo you have to import the dummy content or populate it with your own.

The file will come with documentation which will almost certainly cover how to do this and you should begin by reading that.

If you continue to have problems then the authors support info is here

Thank you for your swift help.
I am quite certain that I have uploaded the correct theme, as it does say that I am using the Stockholm theme. I guess I assumed that it would be possible to upload the Roland design automaticlly instead of guessing sizes, headers, etc.
Do you know where to find the “documentation” that you refer to? Sorry for the stupid questions - I guess I need some on-sight support.

Documents folder should be inside the downloaded file. If you still have issues with the theme you can post it here . The theme author @Select-Themes can explain it better than us.

You almost certainly can just import that demo no problems - its a very establish theme and author.

The demo content will either be an XML file or could well be a part of theme options (in the WP dashboard).


Login to TF
click the ‘Download’ button by the file
choose ‘All files and documentation’

What you need will be in there

Thank you to both of you:) I will give it one more try.