Creating demo content


how do you create demo content for your themes? Do you have separate WordPress installations for the demo content (where you also replace the original images with placeholder images)?

Do you have an automated process? Do you use any tools?

I am asking especially because some authors have a lot of demos and doing all the work manually does not seem like the best way.

Thank you for your answers.

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If you’re asking about creating demos of the theme.
It is done manually. Every theme has its unique design and ofcourse it’s done manually.
However, there are tools (depending on page builder used, etc) that can simplify this process, by adding a possibility to start a new page from an existing one, simply modifying some elements on the page.
To further simplify this process, you may create an import file that will create sample posts and pages, so then you just edit titles and thumbnails.

If you’re asking about providing demo data for users, there are some plugins for that. Or you can build your own. For my pages, I store layout settings as JSON, so it’s really easy to import and export layouts.

Thank you for your answer! I apologize for the confusion about my question.

My main question is regarding how you generate demo content that your users use to import.

We currently make separate WordPress installations (copies) of our main demos sites. We then replace all the images with placeholder ones. Finally we export the XML file using the WordPress importer which users use to import.

We did notice that the importer make some strange errors: some meta options are not always exported and some custom post types like Contact Form 7 cause issues as the IDs change.

Which plugins do you use?

Thank you again!