How to create different demos for wordpress theme?


I am new in WordPress theme development, please anyone can explain me how I can create different demos for my wordpress theme like this:


What I need to export?

Thank You.

You might want to use the multisite feature of WordPress for something like this.

It depends on your theme. If your theme has a page builder, then you can create as many as home page variations easily. If it doesn’t have a builder, you can create different demos depending on GET parameter (for example, ?demo=1).

You may also want to create some page templates for demo purpose.

About importing the demo data, you can use an excellent plugin One Click Demo Import ( You provide the data following their documentation and it just works.

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In my case I go to include a page builder (Visual Composer) in my theme so if I create page templates for my pages I can make different demos correct?

And if I create extensions/elements for visual composer I can make different elements and sections styles for each page?