Install "Eleven" Theme on XAMPP


I try to intall my new bought Eleven Theme from Themeforest.

When I try to upload the theme (3 MB) an error occurs: “The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini”.

When I copy the files directly to the folder the error “no index.php” appears.

There ist only an “index.html” in the downloaded files and no additional .ZIP file for installation.

thanks in advance

Make sure you upload the correct folder of the theme. If you want to upload from Dashboard you will need to change the php.ini file which is located in installDir/xampp/php/php.ini

The theme folder structured must be with at least these files:


Problem is that there is no index.PHP in the downloaded files. Do I need to have this for a successful installation?

Yes, what files do you have in the theme structure, are you positive this is a wp theme ?

You are great! I was thinking that it is a wp theme 'cause I’ve Googled for
wp parallax themes and never mind about the results in detail.

This isn’t a wp theme, right?!

No, I am afraid it is not a WPTheme at all.
You can check if they have a WP Version although, which you can use!

As @KanonidisBasilis said this is not a WP theme and it seems they don’t have a WP version of this theme. If you want a WP theme you can try to ask the author for a refund which can be a little problematic.

Item no longer available. :frowning: