I have and idea. When buyers search music, they have to listen to so many offers. After one-two tracks the listening time is decreasing and they listen to only 5-10 second at the begining and then random 2-3 clicks. And this random clicks could leave not correct impression. But what if we can make this random clicks not random? 2-3 not annoying markers,optional assignment, which could be set by authors. This markers will mean that there is place for “random” click for better understanding of composition, and if buyer wants to leave the page - he could click at them first. I think this novation will help to get the correct impression about track and make this impression more individual. What do you think?

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If I’m understanding you correctly then… sounds good to me! Maybe just on the thumbnail player in the search results, the author can specify where the track starts playing… if they go to the item page then it starts from the beginning. I mean, when you play a sample on iTunes it never starts right from the beginning. Good idea!

On the thumbnail player it’s good idea too! I think it’s very important to help buyers pay attention to the right locations of the track.