information about the license

I need an information about the themes licenses. I read the on line documentation about licences, but I’m not sure about my idea and I prefer to explain you my need.

I’d like to build an on line service for ready graphics, in particular for print graphics and not web site.
People that can’t edit a graphic template with a graphic designer or that don’t have an Adobe software, can choose on my website one of the Envato print templates, insert their content in a form, and choose the number of prints to receive at home.

So, my work is to insert their content in the chosen theme and send the ready to print pdf to the printer service.
I have a recharge on this service.
To show items, I would use the preview images of the authors in my website. Do you think is it possibile?

I’ll buy a new item every order and I don’t sell the template or theme like original file downloaded, but only the print version with the client’s content.
It’s different from affiliating method, becouse I buy (from my Envato Account) the items for my clients.
I hope it’s clear.

The question is: can I offer this service buying the standard licence for every item?

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The question is: can I offer this service buying the standard licence for every item?

One license for every item wouldn’t be enough; a new license is needed for each time you customize an item for a client.

Say two clients ordered your services to customize the same item, you would need to purchase two licenses for that particular item because essentially what you’re doing is purchasing a license on your clients behalf to use the item to create something for them. Once you deliver the end product, the license is automatically transferred from you to them so you no longer have a license to use the item again to create another end product on behalf of another client, hence the need for a new license. See these FAQs: 1, 2.

thankyou and…
do you think can I use the preview images of graphicriver items in my website?

I think it’s down to the individual authors when it comes to using preview images because they own the copyright to their preview images. I think you need to get permission from them first.