can I reuse a template that I have already downloaded from Envato and customized?

I have an Envato template that I customized before, now I want to use it again without having to download it again because it wastes my time!

Hi @imenegherbi00 - welcome to the Envato forums!

Did you purchase the item from GraphicRiver, or from Envato Elements?

On GraphicRiver, most items are purchased for a single End Product. If you have already used the template, you would need to purchase another copy to create a new product from it.

On Elements, items are licensed for one End Product at a time - but you can easily add a new license without needing to download the file again. Just go to and click the “Add a license” link next to the file.

Screen Shot 2023-03-09 at 4.26.59 pm

yes i used envato element
Thank you for the response!

You need to download and license a new copy - it does not take that long and is important from the point of licensing and author earning