License question Envato and Marketplace


if I buy a license for Envato Elements, can I use this license to download unlimited downloads on the marketplace?

i will unlimited Downloads here :


i can only buy on Elements the LIcencse , or is this the same ? And i can use the LIcence on Envato Elements AND Marketplace ? This was rly good when.

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No you can’t - envato elements subscription only allows downloads from and not from the main marketplaces

The elements license also means differences eg no support or guaranteed updates and you have to be subscribed when completing the project

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Generally, any item on Elements is likely to also be available for individual purchase on Envato Market. The reverse isn’t true, though: there are many more items on Market than on Elements. If you have a subscription, looking for items via the Elements search page is likely to be your best bet.

You can check Graphics here for unlimited download:
graphic templates and

Thank you.

Give a Licencse for the Marketplace so i can unlimited Downloads like Elements ?

No it doesn’t exist for the main marketplaces.

If you want items from graphicriver, themeforest etc. (Assuming those are not in elements) then you will need to purchase each item one by one

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hi elements will give u access to a wild range of items from guys who have been invited to take part of this additional service. A lot of guys do not belong there , as not invited and thus , their work will not be part of the things u will be able to download thanks to your elements forfeit but u can buy anything that is part of the things in elements