Indesign Template Rejected. Why? Seriously need tips.

Well i got the dreaded “unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”

I have no idea why this items would be rejected. Can i really not re-submit this item again?
I could use some hints/tips. Could it be that my color space isnt set to CMYK? Wouldnt they give me that info to move forward?

Don’t worry about the “can’t re submit it” message - that’s a generic message. What they mean is you can’t re submit it unless you’ve made some significant changes. As far as I can see it looks close to good enough. But on such a small preview it’s hard to see the finer points of the typography. I can see possible issues such as one page where you have one column, then 3, then below that 2, then 3 again. Maybe that is not clean looking enough. But I’m kind of just guessing, it might be useful if you post larger previews of some of the pages. But my guess is typography is part o the reason for the rejection, plus possibly you need to keep the look of the pages more consistent across the whole design?

Thanks so much for the feedback! Its very helpful. If anything, to make sure i dont lose my sanity.
Many hours go into these designs. Thanks again!

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