Catalogue InDesign Template rejected - Help me understand how to make a good template :-)

Hello, my Indesign Catalogue template got rejected with the reason “unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”
but no more specific reason was given. I think it could be due to lack of commercial value, as I was very careful in technical issues, like making layers well labelled, being nice and clean with graphics, no images were included in the package, also paragraph styles and colors swatches were given… soooo I was thinking about reaching 40 pages instead of 24 and making 2 layouts available ( A4 and US letter).
Can you help me understand if what I planned to do would be enough, or my graphic idea is too shallow and would probably be rejected anyway? Be honest, I can handle criticism really well.
Here a link to Issue where i displayed the publication:

Here also the preview images set that I submitted:

Thanks a lot, have a great day

hi for me this is creative and original no doubt about this … now there is a point where some originalities rather hurt u rather than any other thing … the rectangle under most of the texts are not matching and apart from bringing some hard readability to the table indeed this is looking kind of “unclean”
apart from this there is a bit flat a typo for here i think … some combinations are not working so very well in terms of style indeed, plus hard to understand why shifting from one font the other sometimes
finally there are so small contrast issues here and there is a real need to make some effort for the fake logo … this “logo” is just killing visually what u have done otherwise

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Thank you for your feedback, I see what you mean…I will correct those issues and try my luck again. Specially choosing better fonts and making readability easier. Thank you very much!

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sono molto contento se ho potuto aiutarti :slight_smile: è un piacere potere comunicare un 'po in italiano anche (molto tempo fa che non ho potuto farlo)

Grazie mille per i suggerimenti, peccato che tu non abbia potuto esercitarti in italiano per tanto tempo!

davvero uno dei meglio amici qui è italiano ma parliamo inglese lol è molto più facile per comunicare LOL

ahahaha capisco…

Hello everyone Me again…
I submitted a new, improved version of my design, with many more pages and a US letter version. Here the link to see my masterpiece:grin::sweat_smile:

It got rejected “we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”.
I’m quite puzzled, as I see that lately many way more simple design have been accepted and are up for sale on the market, designs that in my opinion are not that complicated to just replicate in 10 minutes on InDesign if you are a graphic designer…why would a customer spend money on such simple designs? Anyway, rant over, what should I improve on my template to have it accepted? Probably the cover is not that good, also titles don’t match perfectly with tilted graphics but I’m reluctan to modify that graphics as I think it gives the extra creativity to stand out…otherwise it would be such a boring template… I don’t get it. Help me understand what do the editors want from me!!!:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

hi as for me i think that this is better to find another place where u can sell the rejected things … modifying is good , it may help u take your game to the next level but this is up to u to evaluate if this is worth your time or not indeed , as fro me , as regard to the new version i this this is cool , u just have a few small issues indeed about alignment in some stripes but indeed i do not know what else i could tell u, except maybe the title that may spring out more , too …