Item feed back: Catalogue template - hard rejection.

I’m having an hard time understanding why the item got hard rejected:

Can you friendly colleagues help me understand what do i need to improve to get this item accepted?
Thank you a lot and good luck with your sales:-)

hi for me u have different issues to deal with , even if i rather like what u have here … though i feel like u can take out some “mistake” and take your game to the next level indeed …

1- hierarchy
in some cases, your hierarchy is a bit flat … a very good example of this is as regard to the title on the cover …

2- alignment issues
u have a lot of this in the blocks, a lot of texts are not vertically properly aligned indeed …

3- spacing
that maybe a desire from u to do just this but quite frankly some of the elements are positioned in a “random-like” way and i think that maybe a reason for people to reject the item …

4- contrast
some of the texts are not popping out enough , some are even a bit hard to read in the end …

Agree with @n2n44. Overall is too BUSY and looks like someone messing around with your content. Also that cursive font is hilarious.

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Thank you for your feedback, I thought the cursive font would be a nice touch to make thing less boring hahaha…Should I use just the other two fonts?

Thanks a lot for taking time to review my item, I can see what you mean…i should probably tidy up the whole thing and see if it will get accepted.

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Hello everyone, new and improved version of this masterpiece of mine…I know you were waiting for it like a child waits for Santa Claus…Before uploading it for review by the envato editors, I’m looking forward for you feedback.Thank you, have a great Halloween night.

Do not use full justify for text paragraphs because it creates big spaces between words. The overall look is still to busy. Rework the content hierarchy. Use the white space to create better pages compositions. Also you cannot re-upload a rejected item unless you did significantly changes.

This item will be rejected because have a lot of mistakes. I can give you very simple example from random page, check page nr 13 - this text in the frame in the bottom - there is no space on both sides, very bad typography, and this is only one thing I found in blind.

All design is badly organized. It looks like freebie which you can download anywhere from the internet - not like professional design you would pay for.

Nothing personal here - I just try to save your time with this one. Sooner you get real life opinion sooner your works are accepted and sale :slight_smile:

peace ;]

I wanted a white clean background with some options to change the colors of sections (these are included) and added some Google font (cursive font) options to choose from.

Thank you, that’s really helpful. I’ll make sure to make significant changes before re-uploading, will clean up a little more.

No problem, that’s why I’m asking for opinions. Editors don’t tell you what’s wrong, so I have to ask someone else heheh…
“badly organized” means that it’s busy and not clear what element is more important in the page, should i give more white spaces and less elements maybe?
Thank you for taking time to review my item!

I understand what you mean, thanks for taking time to review my item, i will add those options…

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badly organized -> its little chaotic. You have to choose if you want clean design with order or you want to do abstract disorted design -> your design is not any of them.

I recomend you to look at the designs (even my designs because I have some magazines, resumes and portfolios designs in my library) and take this as inspiration (and look at the spacing, typography and all hierachy there. ;]

try to , i hope this u are making it in the end …

Saw your portfolio, you are good damn :grin: Major clean up needed, thank you.

Hope so too, thanks!

u mean damn good … lol