Incorrect permissions on Envato Market plugin

Hi on a fresh WP install, added the Brooklyn theme, installed the Envato Market plugin, generated an API key, set permissions like this (default/no changes made): Full Screen #164, and on test/saving, the site replies: Full Screen #165

The settings its asking for are exactly the same; can’t see any problem at all, haven’t changed anything. Any advice on how to resolve/report to Envato? Can’t find a route through to tech support, just to public forums.


If the settings are exactly the same, are you sure that you’re looking at the right API token? As soon as you uncheck “View your Envato Account username” from that permission management screen (and click the save button at the bottom) the user:username scope it’s complaining about will disappear.

Perhaps you can create a new token to be 100% certain?

Yup have created 3 now to check I’m not being a complete cretin, I’m not. The username scope is not selected on the key at all, just the 3 scopes required.


I just created my own token with the same permissions using this link and it didn’t produce the extra user:username scope. It should be the same exact code running for both of us, so this is very interesting. :thinking:

I have to ask because it’s the only thing I can think of – after you generated the new key, you did also paste the new key into the Envato Market plugin right? Also try clicking “save changes” on the plugin before clicking the test button.

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Agreed, it’s very strange. Here’s a full walk through - [link removed for security]

Thanks for the video. It helped a lot! :slight_smile:

First and foremost, I strongly advise you to go here and scroll down to the bottom, then delete all of your existing tokens just to get a clean slate (also since your video exposed your latest token).

Now onto the actual problem… It turns out this “Test API Connection” button (in the screenshot below) is very bad – don’t press it! :sweat_smile: Instead, click the blue “Save Changes” button first, otherwise it will revert to the previous key when you test it. Once it’s saved, then you can go ahead and test it. :+1:


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Many thanks – I was intending to clear out the old tokens (inc the one I exposed on the video) as they weren’t working. I have now done so and cleared all the tokens for the site, created a new, only pressed save rather than test, and can confirm that order is restored in the world – thank you for your support! Looks like there is a little bug in the code that perhaps is causing a conflict if another existing key has different permissions. Odd, but true… Either way, am now all verified and happy – many thanks again


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Yeah, that’s some pretty confusing and unexpected behavior. I’ll have to see if I can submit a fix for that later. Glad to hear you got everything working though! Best of luck with your website! :grin:

Many thanks again :blush: