Create new token: This token has no permission scopes.

When creating a new or editing an existing token, it always ends up in the message ‘This token has no permission scopes.’,

no matter which options I select

What need I do to have the selected permissions stored in the token?

Hi @Kastanie-in-Fechenheim,

Yeah, they totally broke their user interface. I see the same message for all of my tokens, too, even though they’re all still working just fine. You can ignore those messages and trust that your selected scopes have been applied.


I was hoping I could make my WP theme update automatically making use of the token. Unfortunately, this does not work :frowning:

Hi @Kastanie-in-Fechenheim,

Can you elaborate more on what you mean when you say it doesn’t work? Are you receiving errors or something like that?

In general, the Envato Market Plugin is capable of updating most themes and plugins, but it won’t be automatic. I wouldn’t personally recommend automating updates for third party themes. It’s always a good idea to make backups of the website and perform upgrades in attendance, just in case things go wrong as is always possible with software.

Some of the more popular themes will have their own update systems, in which case you shouldn’t use the Envato Market plugin. It’s best to consult with your theme’s documentation or ask the author how they recommend installing updates.

Hope that helps!

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