Incomplete HTML5 template, need your opinion

I’m building a HTML5 template. It’s still incomplete, but I want to know what you think about the design and the transitions. It still do not work well on small screens and has bugs, but I want to know if I’m in the right track or if I need to start all over again, before I continue.

Here’s the link: Charmonum

You have lag, and multiple transition problems . I use Safari on Macbook Pro .
I recommend you use animate.css .

Thanks @thezoc for the recommendation. I might use Animate.css. What do you think about the design??

You have multiple problems :
-tipography ( look in my posts I wrote about tipography. )
-too many colors.
-you have layout and pagination big problems (use skeleton or bootstrap or …) because you have also responsive big problems.
-navigation menu does not exist…

Watch the top products on ThemeForest and you’ll understand.
Also you will find inspiration on : , , and others …

Thanks man, that’s really helpfull I was looking for that kind of comments. I’m using Bootstrap though and I’ll read more about typography, that’s one of the things with what I struggle the most, and I have been reading and watching videos about it, still don’t get it right almost never. What you mean when you say “pagination”?