Inappopriate buyer review on an item in case of support expired



Hey guys, I’d like to share my experience with a buyer and get your feedback upon this case. We all do face such buyers time to time I’m sure of it and I got used to it but this case needs attention of Envato management I believe.

The buyer’s support has expired yet requested customization on one of my item which I clearly declared that I’ve no such support policy. So I got 1 star bcoz of I kindly declined this request. I’ve informed Envato about it and asked for removal of rate. Guess what I got an answer from Envato staff ! :slight_smile: ** “I should be respect every review of buyers” ** Well this part is really important bcoz each 1 star rating affects item’s and overall account’s reputation as we all know.

1- Is this fair if an author no promised customization service yet deserve a 1 star?
2- Why buyers are able to review an item even if support service has expired?
3- Does Envato care about it?

Appreciate your feedback!


Speaking as a buyer:

  1. Definitely not - it’s not just about what you promised. Official guidelines and support policy clearly state that customization are not covered even within support periods.

  2. Potentially it’s ok but perhaps not in regards to support as a cause. Many buyers seem to forget that previously they did not have any guaranteed support at all.

Perosnally I don’t see why a buyer would need to rate any time 6 months after purchase unless they bought a file and just didn’t get round to using it

  1. Yes they do care. Contrary to popular belief envato don’t disregard issues like this but weather it is these ratings, review times - they will never be able to please everyone and changes no matter how big/small take time cannot happen overnight in a business the size of envato.

I am sure they will look at how to improve these cases and of course it is not fair and I hope it gets fixed for you and others in the same boat.


Check this


** * Ratings and reviews that attempt to force a user to do something they aren’t obligated to do.**
** * Buyer not happy that author doesn’t provide customizations. Rates poorly. Author requests rating removed as they are not required to provide this.**

Based on this rule and scenario Envato’s staff should have remove rating on my item but he didn’t.


Sad very sad, that envato does not abide to there own terms. I really question my self sometimes why support teams at envato do not read any of this and take care more, those answers are automated answers, that are simply insulting to us.

Image if we would support like that.
I case of rating policy we have absolutely no protections and are at buyers mercy. We got such absurd ratings for example all that one buyer did is gave 1 star and wrote “Surprise, surprise, surprise, surprise, surprise !!!” And what happened well you already know :slightly_smiling:

The main point is that in the good old days envato team usually worked with us on forums and contributed, answered questions etc. nowadays we rarely get vague answers made to elude our questions and every time I get those I feel insulted.



Entirely agree with Anps, it was really good time.


Hi freevision.

What is exact review comment. Did buyer explicitly stated that he rates because you do not want to do customization?

I had similar situation and review was not removed but removal policy said that it should be.


Hi DJMİMİ, no he didn’t stated such thing bcoz most buyers doesn’t even aware of customization service not included based on item support policy. That’s why by default they think it’s mandatory and dropping a line like “bad theme, they didn’t help me, no help bla bla bla etc;”

The sad thing is this morning I got another answer from Envato Staff says that

"I totally understand the situation.

Once again, I am very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you but we cannot grant the exemption on your case as we receive many similar requests that we had unfortunately declined as well. We base it on the review written by the buyer and not the story behind it. The review written by the buyer doesn’t violate our community guidelines."

Based on this automated message they receive many similar case from authors. :slight_smile: obviously this isn’t going nowhere. No matter how much we shout nobody hear us.

Bad Reviews from Author point of view

They are seeking for exact words in the review like ‘Buyer refused my customization’ and then they will remove it. We must unite then we would have influence. :slight_smile:


What a silly guideline is that :slight_smile: It’s like saying “I intent to kill you” but the police does not take action without happen :slightly_smiling: