In Illustrator joining two shapes that don't intersect


Hello everybody this has been annoying me now for some while In Illustrator how do you join two shapes that don’t intersect, so if you had say two circles next to each other and they are not touching how to you join them so they are not just a group

Many thanks


Select both the shapes, then in the Pathfinder, under Shape mode, click on the first icon ‘Add to shape area’.

If you can’t see Pathfinder panel, then in the Menu bar go to Window > Pathfinder

I hope that will solve your problem.


If you do not want to make it as group, just select both and make it as compound path.


Tried that just turn the two both objects into a group. it is just annoying!


Most of the times ‘add to shape area’ does the job for me.

If you’re having problems with it showing the outlines while dragging them then do as following:

Follow the steps to ‘add to shape area’, then in the Menu bar go to Object > Expand Appearance.

It will still say that it’s a group but it won’t be different shapes anymore. I guess that’s worth trying.


Cheers Guys I have got it sorted now it work when, I just pressed Ctrl+8 make compound path, many thanks! :slight_smile: