Illustrator paths problem

Hi guys, i have a little problem here. I’m pretty new to Illustrator and I’m just learning by myself with the tuts+ tutorials and video courses.

I have a little flat graphic here I’m working on for practice and I don’t understand why there is still some kind of border. U can see it on the picture here


I know its not really a border but the graphic (blue circle) under the hill shape I created there.

QUESTION IS: why is it still visible if I used the pathfinder? it should be pixel-perfect matching? If i check on graphicriver for such illustrations I don’t see such 0.01pt overlay.

Any tips or advice for a starter like me?

hi, u can make two different things … select the concerned path and take out the points until u get rid of the shape, otherwise, u can choose to create a new shape on top of it and merge it with the white shape so that u can get rid of the unwanted flaw …

Yeah, why not use pathfinder on the blue half circle using the snowed mountains instead of overlay it…CMIIW

Thanks for the tips. I thought about that last solution too, just changing the blue circle.

But I thought maybe this is a settings thing. I mean a program like the latest version of illustrator is not able to create pixel perfect shapes when using the pathfinder the way I do?

Also the last suggested solution would lead to the same effect, wouldn’t it? Then there would be a 0.01pt wide gap between the hills and the blue background shape. It would just need the right colors and it would be visible again.


hm no one with another solution? you guys are sure this is not a settings thing in illustrator? :confused:

I get this with every shape I create with illustrator.