Importing Purchased Audio Track to iTunes

I need my AudioJungle in an AIFF format for FCPX. When I import to iTunes (so I can convert it to AIF before bringing into FCPX) the watermark reappears. Am I allowed to import my AudioJungle purchase into iTunes? If not, how do I convert to AIF in my downloads file?

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As the watermarked preview is a different file from the main version, the watermark cannot “reappear” when you import the track into iTunes.

This may be an iTunes issue. If you imported the preview version before into iTunes, there may be a cache thing, or a synchronization problem.

In any case, there is nothing in Envato’s terms that prohibits importing music tracks into iTunes.

Alternatively you can use other music file convertors, or you can directly convert it in Final Cut:

  • Drag-and-drop the WAV file into the audio timeline.
  • Click “File” and select the “Save As” option. From the Format menu, select “AIFF” and click the “Save” option to convert the WAV file into an AIFF file.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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