Replacing the audio preview. Help! (newbie here)

Hey guys! I’m new here. So, first of all… Hi!! :relaxed:

I’ve studied this site for a few days, and now submitted my first track to AudioJungle trying to follow all the instructions and do things right. The item is still queued, but I noticed that the preview track I submitted (with the watermark) is 6dB lower that the actual track.

Question: Can I update the watermarked track after I get approved? Or do I have to cancel my submission and get back to the end of the queue with the fixed preview track?

Sorry, If this is a silly question. I just don’t know how the interface looks like for approved items. I read somewhere here that replacing content is not permitted.

Yes :sunglasses:

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Great question. On my first go around I had the wrong bitrate in the files and I also didn’t do the watermark. First and last time for that error :kissing: Stockwaves is right; if the song meets quality standards they’ll likely just throw you a soft rejection and then you can re-upload the file(s). The interface is very intuitive and quite like the initial upload interface. Approval tends to be much faster than the original upload queue’s times.

TIP: Could be wrong on this but, if you get the soft rejection, have everything absolutely ready so you can upload and put a note into the ‘notes to reviewer’ box within minutes. Want to say that I got almost immediate approval, perhaps because that person was still working on reviewing, etc. Or maybe it was dumb luck, but give it a shot.

Good luck!


Wow! Super fast response guys. Thanks a lot! I’ll just wait for the review results then.:+1:

Yes :slight_smile: Just go on the edit section of you file and upload a new preview file, then submit!

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