Image is pixelated and compressed, How to exporting at a higher quality level? Please help me!

My item has been soft reject!!

And the reason is: "The preview image here needs re-exporting at a higher quality level as it currently is pixelated and compressed."

I am confusing which image preview (.jpg / .png image file) or preview image set (.zip file)?

How do I re-exporting at a higher quality level?

Your support is highly appreciated!


hi buddy hat’s hard to tell … maybe u should show your stuff … it ight be a problem of size or resolution and the way u need to export it will depend on what u did and what u did not do the right way lol. Normally if it’s pixelated , then this means that u exported not electing the right quality so that the file looks good in the end, it will be very light but the quality will not be fair enough ;…

Hi, @pixelaitstu, pretty easy, you need to download again at a level the same or higher than what you have presently done!

So if your flyer is 2000x2500 px, and you downloaded at 1000x1500 px, then when you scale up it would pixulate or not be as sharp as it could be.

If you used Shutterstock, then you should be able to download again for free, (well, you have to buy something or still be subscribed in order to download again at a higher level for free).

Then turn it into a smart object, so the quality level is as high as possible when scaling down.

Good luck.


@tmcom and @n2n44

Actually, for image preview I created a document for 590px (wide) x 599px (height) with color mode: CMYK and raster effect: high (300 ppi) in Adobe Illustrator. But the size is too big 2558px (wide) x 2497px (height), so I edit the image file on MS paint in order to reduce size 590px wide.

Sorry I am not much familiar designer but mostly I specialized in PowerPoint Presentation.

I need more explain about how to exporting at a higher quality level?

hold on buddyn what’s that export with MS Paint, don’t u have photoshop, gimp, graphic converter or whatever?! this looks very strange to use these types of tools and let’s face it, even if u do work on illustrator for your logos, i dont’ know who is the designer who is not suing photoshop and i highly recommend that u use it … all you would have to do is same for the web after opening your resizing your file, that would be incredibly easy …

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@n2n44 Well, I saved as jpeg. I have Photoshop cc 2015 and I know how to re-size the images but I don’t know how to get high quality image. If you provide step by step how it work. I’ll be appreciated.

i dont’ understand what your problem is then … u have a big file, u make a lower size file out of it, which makes get better quality again and if u save for the web after wards , normally from 60 percent this is nice already, then instead of choosing quality 60 , just choose 100, the weight will not be so high anyway and compression will be a bit reduced so that quality keeps closer … u may also chose to save fr the web and select .png (24) and u’ll have a bit a bigger file but quality is good and colors a bit more faithful in my view

@n2n44 I did exactly same thing second time resubmitted as you mentioned above. So why my item had been soft rejected?? :tired_face:

try this

photoshop (menu) file > new

width: 590px
height: 599px
resolution 72 pixels / inch


paste your image

(menu) file > save for web

JPEG quality 100


you can use illustrator as well

file > new

width 590px
height 599px

no bleed

color mode - rgb

raster effects -screen 72 dpi

paste your preview image

file > save for web

JPG high

quality 100%


since your image is only 590 x 599 px, there is no need to save with reduced quality.

my image previews are usually long (15000px height) and that’s not an issue for me, I don’t understand why you are having problems.

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When you continuously resave the same jpg as a jpg, you lose quality because a jpg is automatically a compressed form of an image, so you end up compressing the compressed image again. If you want to work with a flat image, you need to save/export it as a PNG first because PNGs are lossless or aren’t compressed unless you explicitly tell the adobe to. That’s the first thing I would look at. And maybe if whether or not the object you’re looking at is a smart object because you can transform smart objects to any size below their original size without quality loss.
The other thing I would look at is whether or not you “resample” when you change resolutions or sizes and whether you went from a lower resolution to a higher resolution. If you increase from 72 dpi to like 300 dpi and you keep the dimensions to stay the same, its the same thing as resizing the image to make it bigger because you’re just injecting more pixels into the image and Photoshop is not some powerful AI, it can’t accurately interpolate the detail associated with the added pixels in the image. If you increase the dpi but want the number of pixels to stay the same, then you must forgo a larger size and the image dimensions will decrease, there’s no easy win when you chqnge resoltuion. This is important because if you start at 300 dpi, then optimize the jpg image by doing something like “save for web and devices” adobe will automatically export the image at 72 resolution instead.

u are absolutely right the saved item must be done from the original work, it stands to evidence … but mane that’s good to remind off this all the same lol

Two reasons, one, don’t resubmit the preview images again with exactly the same name, (Envato software has a bug, you should always slightly change the name when resubmitting) otherwise Envato may get the original version, not the update?

Well, two, using paint, geesh, no wonder it looks like crap? A but like a master painter using a preshool watercolor kit?

I think that we are getting to tech, here, after all it is the preview image, not the product?

Not sure about the ping one, never used it?

Yes, Nico, sounds like this guy is in a pickle since he is close to a victory? :eggplant:

Yes, no need whatsoever to bring up the original, (which is probably already a jpeg) and save it again as such.

I tend to bring up the original, then right click on the layer, then click on “group into smart object”, (well, something like that) then press Control T, then scale down.

And if scaling down, by hand, be very careful not to distort. Probably best to use the grid numbers at the top of Photoshops screen, til you get the hand of it?

Then rasterise the layer, (right click on layer, “resterise”) and go from there.

Or Google smart objects in cs?


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